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Can you stick me on GRC?

Mar 02, 2017

GRC tile, the glue itself is no problem, but now there is a problem is that GRC finished after it has a layer of cement slurry, the future is to fall off because the surface of this layer makes the glue and the outside of the brick can not become a whole, so once inside There is water, encountered freeze-thaw, thermal expansion and contraction, it is sooner or later to fall off. But what if you want to paste? The surface of the pulp needs to be polished, or pickled, or throwing sand, no matter how the operation, in short, to let this layer of slurry does not exist, so that pulp with GRC aggregate to speak. Like the cement after the end, perhaps a good need to polish to see a layer of pulp, bad good touch on the exposed layer of pulp. Only to remove this layer of cake can be tiling. GRC advantage is to do thin and light, the disadvantage is that if the tile may be like building tiles, and occasionally fall to a wall, which is not only the construction technology and materials.