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GRC in the development of the market

Mar 02, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standards, part of the people of this monotony of modern "international" architectural style increasingly tired, when the classical European architectural style swept from.

To reflect the classical European style and ultimately to use GRC components. GRC component material is a detail of decorative materials, it has unlimited plasticity, as long as a certain proportion with the raw materials, you can produce a rich shape and texture of the product. At the same time according to the different needs of customers and designers, any artistic style, the perfect realization of the designer's design dream.

Moreover, its appearance and stone is very similar, can be large-scale industrial production, to overcome the high cost of stone processing equipment, on this point GRC component material to become European and American countries classical European style building mainstream material. Europe and the United States is now the construction of classical European style building, most of the GRC component materials are used. GRC building decoration components for the classical European style of the building to provide exquisite, almost fake real details of the decorative components. And by the GRC architectural decoration components low cost, easy installation, easy to carry out industrial mass production, can be a lot of use.