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Grc line construction technology

Mar 02, 2017

1, control GRC lines of raw material quality. 1.1, must use alkali-resistant glass fiber as a reinforcing material, sulphoaluminate low alkalinity cement for the cementing material and mixed with the appropriate aggregate to form the substrate, the supplier must provide the above raw material purchase certificate. 2, must ensure adequate fiberglass content: check the manufacturers of GRC decorative pieces of the bending strength is the number of megawatts, and industry standard control.

3, component thickness control between 8-20mm, the thickness should be uniform, is strictly prohibited.

4, reinforcement: GRC component corner, the edge should be set not less than Ø4 long continuous scoring steel wire (or Ø6 long reinforced) to strengthen; geometric size greater than 400 mm GRC components should be equipped with steel mesh, the steel Diameter is not less than Ø6, spacing is not greater than 400 mm

C) the date of manufacture and the date of manufacture; d) the name of the production unit; e) the production department of the quality inspection department of the production of the quality of the production unit; (b) the production unit, chapter.