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GRG decorative materials used in the room there is no harm?

Mar 02, 2017

GRG decorative materials, radionuclide limit is in line with national GB6566-2001 in the provisions of Class A decorative materials standards, without any smell. And can be recycled, is a green material.

Tongling City, a West Lake campus was named the provincial green construction projects, but also Tongling City, the first two-star green building projects. Their decorative materials are in accordance with national standards for quality, safety and environmental testing. Such as the apartment bed requires the use of E0-class plate E8-class, E0-class environmental standards is the current international health standards. West Lake campus in Tongling construction for the first time the use of GRG plate, GRG plate full name glass fiber reinforced gypsum molded products, is a new type of building decoration materials, material surface smooth and delicate, and can and a variety of paint and surface materials well bonded , The formation of an excellent decorative effect, fire and moisture, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and reliable, is a city of West Lake campus green building big point.