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Grg is what material

Mar 02, 2017

GRG products are ultra-fine crystalline gypsum (modified ɑ gypsum) as the base material and dedicated continuous rigid reinforced glass fiber, special additives (in line with international additives requirements) mixed in the mold through a special process of laminated pre-cast New decorative materials, in the overall performance reached the international quality standards. The surface of the product is smooth and smooth, the surface of the product is smooth and delicate, and the whiteness is over 90%. It can be well bonded with various kinds of paint and noodle material to form an excellent decorative effect. The environmental protection does not contain any harmful elements. This material can be made into a variety of flat panels, a variety of functional products and a variety of artistic modeling, is currently the world's most popular building materials decoration industry replacement products. Under normal circumstances, architects are often recommended to use in industrial and commercial buildings to resist the impact of high impact and increase its stability of the main ceiling. In addition, due to the waterproof performance of GRG materials and good acoustic performance, especially for frequent cleaning and sound transmission places, like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters and other places.