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GRG material construction technology

Mar 02, 2017

1, in order to ensure a large area of the ceiling flatness, the installation staff must be based on the design drawings required to locate the line, to determine the elevation and accuracy, pay attention to GRG ceiling position and the relationship between the pipeline, up and down corresponding to prevent the ceiling position and the Kind of pipeline equipment, the contradiction between the overlapping standards, through the re-test to solve this contradiction in advance. According to the construction site on-site installation, and in the plan to record the number of each material and inspection status logo.

2, the ball line to determine the location of the G R G ceiling so that hanging ceiling crane hanging point is accurate, the boom force balance to avoid the ceiling to produce a large area is not flat.

3, the height of the standard ceiling: according to the level of the floor level, with the vertical bar to the ceiling design height, along the wall, to the surrounding height of the ceiling elevation.