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GRG material in the decoration will be the problem

Mar 02, 2017

In the installation gr gras alien ceilings, ceiling or wall shape, are reflected in the grg embedded parts of the installation of the difficulty of precision, such as the Kunshan Culture and Arts Center, the big hall of the ceiling for the rose shape, the surface of the surface as a diffuse surface asymmetry Modeling, which gave grg manufacturers in the production and processing before the mold made a great deal of difficulty, Kunshan Culture and Arts Center, the theater of smallpox mold probably do 735, the wall of the mold probably do 650; Different, grg in the production process of embedded parts of the location is also different, the production process according to GRG processing drawings of each measurement, and then placed embedded parts. Usually due to grg embedded parts of the location is not accurate, resulting in GRG plate arrived at the scene and the steel frame position can not be installed and can not be installed, or lead to the scene plate cutting, repair, processing, etc., and thus affect the GRG installation progress and quality. Kunshan Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater wall construction, there have been a small amount of GRG board arrived at the scene, grg embedded parts and wall steel frame position is not on, resulting in the scene of the steel structure changes, serious delay The installation period and quality.