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The characteristics of product design of imitation wood railings

Mar 02, 2017

The railing is a necessary safety facility to protect pedestrians or vehicles from safety, to prevent the fall or collision, and to the closest part of the pedestrian, whose design influences the overall landscape of the bridge. Although the form of railings varied, but mainly divided into four types, namely the fence, bar, lattice format and mixed.

Fence: The railing and the column are arranged by equidistant or regular changes, with a handrail (or broken) link. This railing is generally not carved, only the specifications of strict, simple and neat, continuous and smooth, simple construction, applicable to all kinds of bridge.

Fence: Fence can be divided into physical fence, hollow fence. Entity fence is placed between the two pillars of the prefabricated fence, which often have a variety of carvings to reflect the folk customs, for the long bridge also uses the physical barrier, the main highlight of its security role, can also doubles as " The Hollow bar plate is the design of the fence pattern and pattern in a different way hollow, leaving a different geometric shape of the hole.