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GRC Component Of The Commercial Market Is Relatively Large

Jun 12, 2017

At present, the application of GRC component is becoming more and more extensive, but different GRC component are more or less radioactive. According to the information surface, the highest is red and green, white, black is the lowest. So the GRC staff to remind you to use when you pay attention:

1. Granite should not be used in large quantities indoors, especially in the bedroom, children's room use;

2.A class can be used for home interior decoration;

To understand the natural marble laying, to take a dilution of pollution to reduce pollution. Radon half-life of only 3.2 days, indoor radon concentration in the doors and windows after 20 to 30 minutes can be reduced to the outdoor level.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the domestic real estate market, the construction market has a large-scale large-scale growth, especially in some economically developed areas, residential construction projects is endless, and this corresponds to the architectural design grade, Style taste and the use of materials has also been greatly improved, there have been many imitation European style of the building, these anti-European style of the building, a large number of applications of various styles of colonnade, pressure top, door arch and other known components to beautify the building And the production of these prefabricated members is usually done with a GRC component process. GRC products are recognized by various countries in the construction industry, construction, municipal engineering and other fields because of their advantages such as light weight, high strength, heat insulation, fireproof, waterproof, noise-proof, good machinability and favorable price. Has been more and more applications, showing a superior economic and technological effects, has a broad development prospects.

As the GRC component industry development time is not long, there is no formal national and industry standards, some companies according to their own production and research experience summed up some of the enterprise-type standards, and applied in engineering practice, there are some enterprises using Europe, The United States, Japan and other economically developed countries standards. China's GRC technology research started relatively late, although the market demand is growing faster, but the overall demand level is not very high, leading to the development of the industry varies greatly, few of the standard factory-style production, most of the workshop-style semi-manual, half Mechanized production. GRC component development time is shorter industry needs a unified standard

GRC products are competing with many other building materials, including glass and aluminum products with world-standard standards. We must make GRC products a reliable product that competes with all other building materials. With this credibility and credibility, the GRC industry is able to confidently pursue its products to critical architects. In the process of implementation, active attack is very important, must be clearly aware of the architect and design agencies are most concerned about the issue and deal with their concerns.

GRC products is the world's nearly 30 years of the latest research out of the new composite materials, so that people on the traditional materials innovation, transformation of another great breakthrough. GRC products with its light, high strength, heat insulation, waterproof, fire, noise reduction and other characteristics to win people's recognition of its application in the field of construction more and more widely, showing a superior economic and technological achievements and broad Business prospects. As the GRC component prefabricated components development time is short, there is no formal national and industry standards, some companies according to their own production experience, sum up some corporate standards. Some companies, such as Shanghai Fu Zhen Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is the use of Europe, Japan, the United States and some other developed countries standards. These countries because of economic development, GRC component market products, the commercial market is relatively large, so the starting point of the industry is relatively high, whether it is the classification of products or technology, mechanical equipment requirements, quality inspection have detailed provisions. China's GRC technology research started, relatively late, the market demand is greater than the overall level of development speed. This led to the development of the industry varies greatly, there are few standardized factory production, most of the semi-mechanized, semi-artificial production mode.