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2017GRC Component Market Prospects

Sep 29, 2017

What is the GRC component? The GRC decorative component made of alkali-resistant glass fiber and low-alkalinity cement is a new type of composite material developed by the world in recent decades. It is used by human society to use high-tech materials for compound use. An important result. Guangzhou Shuangyu Construction Art Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in producing, planning and installing GRC component, has a long time practical experience. In the Vanke Citygate City project, the use of GRC clear water plate prime expression planning style, in the Mission Hills Feng Xiaogang film commune 1942 Street project, give full play to GRC cement word art effect ... ...

GRC has a very strong plasticity, the construction of various styles can use GRC component to decorate. GRC has the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, good machinability, moderate offer and so on. It has been recognized by national materials industry, such as construction engineering, municipal engineering, agricultural engineering, water conservancy engineering and garden engineering Many areas of the use of access to a clear technical and economic effects. And GRC component production period is very short, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection, no "three wastes" pollution, for the national radionuclide content of A class of environmentally friendly materials, so in recent years GRC component show a broader development prospects.