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What Are The Quality Standards For GRC Component?

Jun 12, 2017

What do you need to be aware of when installing GRC component? What are the quality standards?

First, GRC component installation requirements horizontal and vertical, vertical vertical, the whole on-line, floral group on the complete, smooth and smooth curve, the surface of the component without pollution, defects.

Second, the GRC component installation node is accurate, to prevent the pieces due to dislocation caused by strong components in place, resulting in installation stress and deformation.

Third, GRC component connection points must be connected in place, not missing. The bolted connection must be tightened by tightening.

Fourth, GRC component joints smooth, less than 10mm joints.

5, GRC vertical components should avoid the upper part of the layers stacked on the bottom of the components, but should be a separate suspension of each part of the installation on the wall.

Six, GRC component installed, should be from top to bottom surface dust and stains clean, full of cracks, polished smooth.

GRC component, full name: GRC architectural details of decorative components. Specification abbreviation: GRC architectural details.

GRC architectural details of the decorative components because the name is too long, not easy to remember, often referred to as GRC component. Due to the prevalence of European style in these years, the market is also often referred to as: GRC European components, GRC Roman column, GRC canopies, GRC decorative lines, GRC angle, GRC doors and windows sets, GRC vase railings.

According to the national standard promulgated by the Ministry of Construction, "Construction Decoration Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Standard" GB50210-2001, GRC architectural detail decoration components belong to the architectural decoration works in the details of the project in a sub-items in a building parts.

Material: National building materials industry standard "glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) decorative products" JC / T940 contains the content;

Design: The architectural elements of the aesthetic value that are described in the book "Design of the World Typical Architects" by Burden.E.

GRC is translated into Chinese: glass fiber reinforced concrete; this is a kind of alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforced material, cement mortar as the matrix material of fiber cement composite material.

Its outstanding feature is a very good tensile and flexural strength, and better toughness.

This material is particularly suitable for making decorative shapes and used to express a strong texture.