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EPS Decorative Materials Long Life Safe And Reliable

Jun 12, 2017

EPS decorative materials components are mainly used for villas, European style district, hotels and commercial street buildings such as the door sets, window sets, canopy angle, waist and Tingzhu and other parts. 80 years of the last century began to be widely used in Europe and the United States and other countries, is the traditional GRC components of the epoch-making upgrade products. EPS decorative materials components to high-strength flame-retardant polystyrene as the base, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh as the middle layer, the outer layer of inorganic aging polymer emulsion composite molding. Product light weight, impact resistance. High strength, excellent water resistance, good toughness. Its main features are first, light weight. Second, paste firmly. Third, the shape of free processing. Fourth, and EPS decorative materials with the use of external insulation wall better. Fifth, easy to install. Sixth, decorative lines (components) smooth, beautiful, seamless between the lines. Seventh thorough solution to the external walls of cold insulation, thermal bridge problems.

EPS decorative materials components of the characteristics:

One, light weight Its weight is EPS decorative materials line about 1/6. A person can be free to move, construction.

Second, paste firmly. The safety of the decorative line (component) is very important, especially the requirements of the quality of life system, if only heavy landscaping, do not pay attention to safety that will bring a lot of hidden dangers. EPS decorative line is not only light, but also very solid with the grass-roots wall bonding. It is mainly used for polymer mortar bonding, and polymer mortar is the organic glue is added to the inorganic material cement mortar mixing made, not only long life, and bonding firm, and has a national standard and norms, and in a large number of Engineering application proved feasible, is safe and reliable. Eliminating the use of anchor bolts fixed construction hazards and anchor corrosion caused by the quality of the accident.

Third, the shape of free processing. Because it is computer design modeling automatic cutting, (line conditions) style arbitrary, simple processing, easy installation.

Fourth, with the EPS insulation wall with the use of better results in the rapid development of building energy Today, EPS board external wall insulation system is the only preferred system, but the architect will worry about whether the impact of facade effect, EPS Decoration line to completely dispel the concerns of architects, not only that, but also allows the architects to design their own style, with the formation of the perfect match with the insulation wall.

Fifth, easy to install. With special bonding materials and methods, a person can install the construction, especially the larger volume components, just stick the installation.

Six, decorative lines (components) smooth, beautiful, seamless between the lines. As a result of the use of the gap between the two lines of repair materials, the gap is all gone. In the future use will not appear cracks.

7, EPS decorative materials (components) the biggest advantage is that it completely solve the external walls of cold insulation, hot bridge problems, so that designers, construction division to play.