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Analysis Of Cracking Of Gypsum Board Ceiling

Mar 02, 2017

Light steel keel gypsum board ceiling is at this stage in the construction of decorative works in a very wide range. However, in the actual construction, gypsum board joints at the crack problem is also widespread. According to years of design and construction experience, to solve the problem of ceiling cracking quality to make some effective measures, by peer reference.

Gypsum board ceiling cracking of the main reasons: gypsum board volume stability characteristics

Because the industrial gypsum is dihydrate gypsum heating, the formation of crystallization of water. Gypsum board processing stereotypes, in the combustion and grinding of semi-water gypsum add water, once again the formation of dihydrate gypsum structure of the important characteristics. It is separated from the gypsum pulp was needle-like body, in the drying process, the formation of micro-pores, so that gypsum has a "breathing" characteristics, that is, when the air humidity changes, can absorb moisture, but also quickly re-distributed The