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Causes Of Cracking Of GRC Component

Sep 29, 2017

GRC production Whether it is manual or mechanical jet, which are required to have a specially trained operators and special equipment. The correctness of the operating method in a large Chengdu will affect the GRC component strength and durability.

And this kind of GRC component use a long time after this is the phenomenon of cracking, the emergence of this phenomenon also need to find its reasons. Fu Mu GRC to take everyone to see what the reasons are.

If it is in the south, close to the ocean, then this can show that the humidity here is very high, but for the GRC component of which the water content is also a year in the highest state, then in this case need to pass Special measures to dry it, if you do not have a special treatment method, then this will be caused by its components and components and components and beams at the joint cracks occurred in the state.

GRC component in addition to the excessive water content, there is the component of the dry shrinkage, cold shrinkage and GRC component of the horizontal length of a considerable relationship, the reason is that the cracking of water is too much, their shrinkage deformation is not Very standardized, then this formed a cracked state.