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EPS Decorative Materials Lines Commonly Used Reasons

Jun 23, 2017

EPS decorative materials lines are very common, mainly in the convenience of materials, light weight, after transport and installation; extensive energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, involving products, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, cost higher trim The construction industry is becoming more and more widely used and has a very high utilization rate.

(1) EPS decorative materials lines are aggregates of polystyrene, the finished weight of about GRC about 1/6 of the decorative line is free to move and construction. Fire, water, rot, moldy, cracked. Construction is simple and convenient, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor decoration materials, is a new environmentally friendly decorative materials.

(2) EPS decorative materials lines are mainly made with wall and polymer bonded mortar, polymer mortar applied to inorganic materials, made of cement mortar mixed, long life of organic glue, bonded firmly, and have national standards and specifications, and The number of applications in a large display project is safe and reliable, thus avoiding the use of anchors and anchoring structures for corrosion problems, but also solves the problem of external wall insulation and thermal bridges.

EPS decorative materials line of the aggregate composition of polystyrene, the weight of its finished product is about one-sixth of other decorative lines.

EPS decorative materials lines are mainly used for polymer mortar and wall bonding, polymer mortar is cement mortar mixing inorganic materials, organic adhesives, long life, strong bonding, and already have the national standards and norms, and In many engineering applications proved to be safe and reliable, thus avoiding the construction and anchor bolts fixed anchor bolts, but also to solve the external wall insulation of the cold and hot bridge problems.

EPS decorative materials lines by the computer design, automatic cutting, short production cycle. Using a bonding material and a special method, a person can install a construction line, especially a large number, only a combination of installation.

EPS decorative lines use the same wall adhesion and gap fill material, the gap between the disappearance of the future will not crack. Different companies need appropriate measures in the GRC application framework, local conditions, considering their business development needs of corporate GRC levels, and attitudes level.