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GRC Component Effect

Nov 01, 2017

To cement mortar as the main material, mixed with a certain percentage of alkali-resistant glass fiber for the strengthening of the thickness of 2-3 cm of the hollow material. Than the weight of pure cement material is lighter but not as heavy as the former. Bearing capacity is slightly better than the EPS fabric, but more than the former about two percent.

GRC component is part of the whole building, architectural detail design is to study the overall relationship with the local. The perfect building must have perfect architectural detail.

GRC component play a decisive role in strengthening specific architectural design effects. GRC component in the C is fast hard sulphoaluminate cement, belonging to the characteristics of cement in the fast-hard high-strength cement series of a component, GRC to anhydrous calcium sulphoaluminate (3Ca.3Al2O3.CaSO4 abbreviated as C4A3S) and silicic acid Dibers as the main component of the clinker by adding the appropriate amount of gypsum prepared by the early strength of the hydraulic cementitious material known as sulphoaluminate fast hard cement. Performance: specific surface> 380m2 / Kg initial condensate <25min, final condensate <3h, with an intensity of 425,525,625.

GRC products in addition to the strength depends on the strength of cement, but also depends on the individual surface size and packing ratio, the configuration of different bones and supporting structures (such as bamboo bars, etc.) determined by the manufacturers will be based on the needs of the scientific skeleton configuration The

Acoustic effect is good: Detection shows: 4mm thick GRC material dry weight 1.88 meet the professional acoustic reflection requirements. After a good shape design, can constitute a good sound absorption structure, to achieve the role of sound insulation, sound absorption.

Construction convenience: GRC according to the designer's design, random rate modeling, GRC component can be large production, split. Site processing performance is good, the installation of fast, flexible, can be a large area seamless intact, forming a complete shape. Especially on the hole, arc, corner and other subtleties, to ensure that no error.