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GRC Component Have A Better Physical Mechanical Function

Oct 20, 2017

GRC component, grc lines with the ideal physical and mechanical functions and easy to shape and manufacturing products, product replacement fast, the market capacity and adaptability and other characteristics, grc industry is full of angry and hope and vitality and is entering the sun industry The

And the development of its products not only for the reform of Chinese wall materials, building energy-saving buildings made a prominent contribution to the decoration, at the same time in the basic theoretical research, raw material varieties and functions, product development, production process, product quality Has made great progress.

1 GRC component features

⑴ decorative process simulation effect --- GRC architectural decoration components can be divided into European decorative columns, all kinds of eaves line, doors and windows top sets, doors and windows sets, decorative floral, simulation stone six categories. Designers through the design of the simulation, to achieve noble and elegant architecture, simple and realistic,

Beautiful and natural, natural and simple.

⑵ light wall development reverse --- GRC architectural decoration components, with a thin wall, light, high strength, in line with China's development of lightweight wall reverse. The main raw materials are alkali-resistant glass fiber, low alkali cement, admixture, high strength, water, fire, corrosion, anti-aging, not only good simulation results, and durable, life of up to 50 years.

⑶ environmental protection and energy conservation --- GRC building decoration components, made of natural inorganic materials, tasteless, non-radioactive, green building materials production process is not "three wastes" emissions, not only save energy, but also no pollution to the environment.

⑷ simple construction process --- GRC building decoration components of the type, specifications, patterns, people-oriented. The components are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the owners. Although the specifications are different, the installation bolts are fixed in the production process.

2 GRC component of the main performance

⑴ GRC component using special low-alkali cement and special glass fiber composite material through a variety of processes refined, with its high strength, anti-aging, light weight, forming diversification, construction is simple, fire, weathering, acid and so on. And the same performance and life of concrete, making it a new theme of the European architecture and landscape projects. In the modeling application, because of its excellent performance from ordinary gypsum decorative materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other modeling materials stand out.

⑵ its main physical and mechanical properties, strength modulus 1.8 ~ 2.8 × 104m / ㎡, impact strength of 15 ~ 25kg / m2, compressive strength of 4.7kg / m2.

⑶ GRC component mold made of glass fiber after crafted, polished polished, so that the surface of the production of smooth components, in line with the requirements of the design drawings.

⑷ in the production process, after the surface protection treatment, the internal distribution of shock, anti-crack glass fiber mesh uniform stress embedded bar and mortar high pressure sprayed, soaked maintenance, and other processes.

⑸ its components in the factory, after a strict quality Cengcengbaguan, do not miss any one of the substandard products factory. The gap of the component is not more than 4cm; the geometric size of the component does not exceed the standard size of ± 5mm for the qualified; each piece shall not have the transverse through the bottom of the component.