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GRC Component Lines Construction Points

Jun 23, 2017

GRC component It is actually glass fiber reinforced cement, compared with the concrete products, its components are relatively thin, the quality is very light, with high toughness and high strength, the production is very simple, but has a rich shape. Because of its unique performance, in some particularly beautiful tourist attractions or luxury use of a lot of people, some people say, with GRC cement components of the building should need to pay a lot of money, in fact, not all this, although that This kind of component it is relatively high quality, material and other quality aspects are very good, not necessarily its price is very expensive.

In the manufacture of this GRC component, the use of materials are carefully selected, the selected material but also through a series of testing and research, and finally to the manufacturing, designers can not only according to different customer needs to design Different styles, but also according to the region, the environment to determine the different components of the planning.

1, according to the construction drawings, GRC component to be installed in the part of the pop-up positioning line (center line or edge). Grc component paste, the grid cloth should be folded package, if there are special circumstances can be directly paste not cover package. Using a thin layer of sticky method for paste, forced extrusion EPS components so that mortar from the surrounding overflow, adhesive seam width of not more than 3mm. Adhesive joints should be sticky with the hook, gray seam full, and keep the EPS component surface clean.

2, for larger grc component, the installation requirements of the provision of temporary support for the fixed. Installation, if stitching, should be measured in advance to assemble the size and angle, and in the formation of pre-assembled, the gap is not greater than 3mm. Adhesive mortar for splicing bonding material, mortar consistency can be sold larger, the use of thin layer of sticky method. Mosaic requires a little, evenly squeeze the hammer to make the gray seam to meet the requirements.

3, stitching gray stitching application of gray knife hook, so grc component into one. After drying, if the grc component patchwork at the extra residual mortar can be used sandpaper for grinding. After drying, grc component splicing part of the anti-cracking special glue for processing. Treatment methods see anti-cracking special glue instructions. Construction of the grc component to pay attention to finished product protection, is prohibited pedaling, heavy impact. If damaged, the entire EPS component should be removed and reloaded.