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GRC Component Of Stone Applications More And More Widely

May 31, 2017

GRC component manufacturers GRC is the abbreviation of glass fiber reinforced cement composite materials, from the European and American technology, is the anti-alkali glass fiber, cement, sand and other composite materials according to a certain ratio of mixing, in the mold within the mold, to produce rich shape , Texture and diverse products, are widely used in domestic and international characteristics of the building.

At present, the application of GRC component is becoming more and more extensive, but different GRC component are more or less radioactive. According to the information surface, the highest is red and green, white, black is the lowest. So the GRC staff to remind you to use when you pay attention:

1. Granite should not be used in large quantities indoors, especially in the bedroom, children's room use;

2.A class can be used for home interior decoration;

To understand the natural marble laying, to take a dilution of pollution to reduce pollution. Radon half-life of only 3.2 days, indoor radon concentration in the doors and windows after 20 to 30 minutes can be reduced to the outdoor level.

GRC component installation requirements:

1, all the embedded parts should be installed below the external wall plaster 15 ~ 20 mm, when the external wall plaster has been completed, the installation point must be plastering chisel, embedded parts shall not be exposed.

2, the external wall insulation is greater than 80 mm, the components embedded parts to be deep inside the insulation board, 20 mm away from the wall, the first insulation board hole, with expansion bolt anchor, and then open the hole filled with styrofoam , The surface with external wall putty repair and then external decoration.