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GRC Component Roman Column Production Installation Method!

Jul 05, 2017

GRC component Roman column in the practical application of more and more widely, because of its high decorative effect and artistic value, gradually respected by the people. Usually we have seen the installation of the Roman column has been completed, are produced by the GRC component mold, then the GRC component of the Roman column is how to install it? The following intention to explain the GRC component of the Roman column to install the installation method!

The GRC Roman column is made of two halves with an embedded solder joint on its edge.

1, first of all the two pillars at the bottom of the column, the seam at the solder joint welding, making it a whole;

2, correct the position so that the pillars in the center;

3, with cement mortar to the pillars and the gap between the pillars filled;

4, the same way in order to upward pillar, a section of a water until the stigma so far.

Roman column mounting node drums Roman column mounted in two kinds: one is non-load-bearing hollow Roman column installation, the other is the load-bearing Roman column installation.

First, non-load bearing type GRC Roman column mounting node

1, first in the column installation location, brick or concrete in the upper and lower embedded embedded.

2, according to the GRC Roman column with the angle of steel welded into a tripod to make the inner keel, the following first with the underground embedded welding solid, above the first left room, the tripod can be installed with the attendant.

3, the pillars, pillars set in the keel, correct the groove position, and then the pillars of the column above the buried joints with steel bars in the keel, followed by a section of the vertical installation of the slot until The last section of the column so far.

4, the stigma is composed of two halves, the triangular keel has been connected to the above buried welding, and then the first and the first half of the combination of stigma, the seams at all the solder joints die.

5, the final cement with all the joints to deal with smooth, smooth can.

Second, the load-bearing GRC Roman column installation method

With the non-load-bearing GRC Roman column installation method, but after the installation is completed, from the mouth into the concrete can be, the difference is that the load-bearing GRC Roman column to column first and then cover the top, otherwise the concrete can not pour Load-bearing GRC Roman column can be the first building and then the GRC Roman column decoration.

This is shared with the GRC component for the Roman column. GRC component Roman column in the installation is not complicated, pay more attention to the details of the installation, to avoid the emergence of flaws in the installation.