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GRG Board Can Breathe Naturally Adjust The Indoor Humidity

Mar 02, 2017

GRG is a specially improved glass fiber reinforced gypsum board, GRG infinite plasticity, with a light weight can breathe light, good acoustic effect, especially it can breathe, can adjust the indoor temperature, attract the owners and designers love. At present, GRG is one of the more popular decorative materials, GRG modern economic level and the development of materials technology for architects to provide an endless imagination, any whimsical design and even have the possibility of its existence as a performance Manipulation in the architectural design, especially in the form of design has gradually become one of the important means.

The birth of the ecological home, marking the world's construction industry is facing a new revolution, the revolution in order to benefit the ecological, healthy, energy-saving, convenient work and life for the purpose of the construction industry design, materials and structure A new idea.