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GRG Designers Love The Economy And Environmental Protection And Low Pollution

Mar 02, 2017

GRG buildings must have a sustainable update to meet changing requirements. From the material point of view, on the one hand the development of science and technology to promote some high-strength durable materials such as titanium plate, stainless steel plate to be applied, the building's durability greatly improved; on the other hand, short-term construction of the building to promote a large number of relatively poor durability Materials can be used as non-structural materials, which require construction in a certain period of time to maintain and update. In our view, under normal circumstances, we should choose the materials and structures with better durability for important buildings. For the less important buildings, the podium part of the multi-storey building and high-rise building which is easy to maintain the construction can choose Poor durability of the non-structural materials; for less investment in the economy, we should try to choose quality and cheap, low maintenance requirements of the material, and for more economic investment in the building can choose to update the shorter period Material to provide an updated visual form. Throughout the life cycle of the building in the pursuit of the entire process of low energy consumption, low pollution, recyclable is what we should take into account the content.