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GRG Plays A New Role In Architecture

Mar 02, 2017

GRG is a new material in the field of architecture and decoration in recent years, with good material properties and wide applicability. It has improved the performance of reinforced gypsum decorative materials, the use of GRG special gypsum as the base material and dedicated continuous rigid reinforced glass fiber, proprietary additives, made in the mold by hand-made pre-cast new decorative materials, in the comprehensive performance On the China, the United States, Britain and other countries of the quality standards.

GRG styling is suitable for the shaping of any space shape, the hotel lobby, the opera house ceiling, and the art of the high-end office space cut, art backdrop, the image of the wall, GRG modeling materials, fine texture, high surface finish, with high-quality mold To produce ceramic-like texture of the product, compared with ordinary gypsum products, GRG gypsum products, whether hardness, tensile, flexural strength are better than ordinary gypsum, its delicate degree is also ordinary gypsum can not do. GRG as a new type of decorative materials, architectural decoration plays an important role.