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Hollow Grc Components Can Make Us Feel At Ease?

Nov 01, 2017

GRC decorative components mainly to alkali-resistant glass fiber for the auxiliary materials, low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement cementing materials, and river sand or quartz sand composition, through the FRP mold, concrete mold, plastic mold, steel mold, silicone mold Through the pouring, extrusion, shop, premixing, spraying and other processes made of GRC products. The product can be continuously processed according to the molds held or replaced. GRC component related to the production of mold products, generally have a certain production cycle.

Natural GRC products, after the installation of paint can be painted, color GRC products can be a production molding into use. EPS decorative components with the external wall insulation materials and GRC component industry, the development of an extension of the new products, the main material to polystyrene insulation board based on the application of electric wire cutting equipment for cutting the plate into a variety of lines. Using paste-type alkali-resistant mesh to do on the basis of surface positioning with anti-cracking mortar for forming treatment. The product line is mainly line type. The main products mainly to the auxiliary equipment, the production cycle faster.

Unique European grc component have a strong expression, so that in the building materials market can adhere to so many years. grc component are light building materials, on the one hand it is the reason for the production of materials, on the one hand because of its design for the internal hollow, so it is much lighter than the traditional cement components, decoration is also convenient.

First, grc component have their own weight, easy to install features, first of all, it is related to its production of raw materials, followed by its material portfolio is very characteristic. It is hollow, so, only the characteristics of small weight.

Second, the grc component of the node a lot of general provisions in their own weight less than 25kg when the installation of the connection point can not be less than 4, so we often see a lot of grc component nodes, at the same time, these nodes and links between nodes To be close, they are the lifeline of the whole shape.

Third, the competitive grc component, grc component in the installation of a lot of particularity, it is a whole by a grc component splicing up, and finally made a shape, so, each grc component are part of, each one Very important.