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How Does The GRC Component Connect To The Wall?

Jul 05, 2017

Through the previous article we learned that the grc component is a new material inside and outside the building decoration, then grc component are connected with the wall? Xiaobian to share with you

Grc component how to connect with the wall? GRC exterior decorative components installed in the building wall connection methods include: through the connection plate and the wall connection is to use the bolt to connect the connection with the connecting plate, and then connecting plate with expansion bolts Or welding with the wall or wall of the embedded parts connected.

1, with the expansion bolts directly to the components fixed to the wall:

(1) The bolt is fixed to the wall by the ribs of the member. 3, the component is mounted on the steel keel, and the steel keel is connected with the main structure of the building.

(2) the bolt is connected with the wall through the embedded part on the component;

GRC component are connected to the wall

2, small components can be bonded to the wall:

(1) The component shall be mounted on the main structure or wall of the building. If the wall is aerated concrete, hollow brick and other lightweight walls, you must specifically design a reliable installation system. All connections and keel system must take a reliable anti-rust measures, should use steel galvanized or stainless steel connection material.

(2) components and wall connection points must be away from the edge of the wall a certain distance (greater than 10 cm), to prevent the expansion of the bolt split the local wall or anchor.

(3) the use of various connectors. Anchor and keel and other connections, must be calculated through the structure to meet the components of the weight, wind load, seismic load and dry and wet deformation, temperature deformation of the factors under the strength and stiffness requirements. The mounting nodes of the components must take into account the large deformation of the GRC component, allowing appropriate displacement to release the components

(4) due to deformation caused by internal forces. It is generally not necessary to take the installation of the components of the connection point of all the installation method.

(5) When installing the components on a concrete beam, column or shear wall with expansion bolts, consider the situation where the borehole is just the same. Consider the way to avoid or connect the plate with a double-hole plate to adjust the drilling position.

Second, grc component and wall connection precautions

1, GRC component and wall connection. If there is no waterproof requirements, can be filled with cement mortar; there are waterproof requirements, the use of building sealant caulking or other waterproof material processing.

2, GRC component and wall changes at the junction (such as cornices, windows, doors, balconies, rain Peng, water outlet, wall mutations and corners) should be based on the actual design of detailed nodes. In the edge of the site to pay special attention to the installation of bolts to split the possibility of the wall, therefore, GRC cement components to ensure the location of the installation of the bolt from the edge of a certain distance.

3, falling water pipes, plug-in equipment (such as air conditioners) and GRC cement components of the relationship.

Grc component and wall connection method to introduce here. Also note that: highlight the wall may have water, should consider the drainage slope. Riding members can be routed to the roof, with wall components should be discharged to the wall, the top drainage slope should be not less than 3%. For the aerated concrete, hollow blocks, lightweight wall panels and hollow brick and other lightweight walls of the base and the old building has been crisp or hollowed out of the wall, the design facade and selection must consider the wall structure of the safety and reliability, To make the appropriate structural design and treatment programs, not free to install the installation.