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How Does The GRC Component Need To Be Maintained?

Jul 14, 2017

GRC can be molded into any shape and appearance effects, to meet the designer and the owner of the architectural appearance of unlimited imagination of creativity, making it seem to have a more rich architectural style of the decorative effect. Then the use of GRC component, you want to be able to get a higher strength, it must be carried out conservation, the conservation should be how to operate the specific? This is a lot of construction workers are puzzled.

The main way to maintain the GRC component is to ensure that the moisture contained in the early stages does not evaporate. The moisture contained in the GRC component is necessary for the cement hydration reaction. Only sufficient water can ensure that the cement can be well Strength, and reduce its penetration and contraction. Since the hydration is affected by the temperature, the ambient air should be maintained at an appropriate temperature during the curing of the GRC component.

In the maintenance of GRC component, the main need to do the following:

① have a suitable early strength to facilitate stripping and handling;

② to ensure a certain design strength;

③ limit contraction to prevent cracking.

GRC component of the actual conservation process, the need to be divided into the following stages to carry out:

① After modification, it is usually necessary to use a clean and high quality polyethylene film to wrap the mold to place the moisture in the GRC component by evaporation and wind, while also helping to maintain hydration heat. At the beginning of conservation, the GRC component Can have enough strength to make it in the stripping and handling of the process will not be damaged.

② for the stripping after the GRC component continue to protect, so as not to be subject to light, wind and rain, low humidity, under normal circumstances still use plastic film will be wrapped in the GRC construction, so as to avoid direct sunlight, Can maintain local humidity.

③ In the process of storage and use of GRC component, there is a significant difference in the surrounding environment and the maintenance stage, so it is necessary to carry out some maintenance operations. In this way, some simple ways can be used to ensure that it is not in the course of storage. Will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Accelerated maintenance mainly includes low-pressure steam curing and the use of chemical early strength agent and other operations are effective, low-pressure steam curing in the cold when the time is very cost-effective, the temperature should not exceed 50 ℃, otherwise adverse effects on long-term ; The use of chemical early strength agent is mainly used to improve the early strength of the cold conditions will play a role, and can make the GRC component can be completed early stripping.