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Teach You How To Choose Environmentally Friendly Decorative Materials

Mar 02, 2017

(1) the choice of wall decoration materials. Home wall decoration as far as possible not a large area of the use of wooden sheet decoration, the original wall can be smoothed after the brush on the water-based paint, but also use a new generation of pollution-free PVC environmentally friendly wallpaper, and even the use of natural fabrics such as cotton, Silk and other natural wallpaper as a substrate.

(2) the choice of ground material. The choice of surface materials, such as floor tiles, natural stone, wood flooring, carpets and so on. Tiles are generally free of pollution, such as the use of large areas of natural stone, should be selected by the qualified, non-radioactive elements of the plate. Before choosing a composite flooring or chemical fiber carpet, check the corresponding product description carefully. At present, many types of wood flooring, in terms of its own, solid wood flooring is not containing harmful substances, and the quality of the complex floor of the composite may contain harmful substances. Hazardous substances include two aspects: First, the adhesive floor contains free formaldehyde release is too high, if the free formaldehyde more than 40 mg / 100 grams is harmful to the human body is not allowed to market, the best choice of formaldehyde content of 10 mg / 100 grams of green around the floor. Second, in the process of brushing paint used in a variety of organic solvents, such as toluene, nitro, etc. will emit harmful gases to the human body. Therefore, it is recommended to buy flooring as much as possible to buy paint flooring.