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The Difference Between GRC Component And Cement Components

May 31, 2017

Regardless of GRC component or cement components, in real life applications are more extensive, but the difference between the use of the two is still relatively large.

What is the difference between the two?

First analyzed from the material:

GRC component A kind of fiber cement composite material with alkali-resistant glass fiber as reinforcing material and cement mortar as base material, and cement structure is relatively simple, mainly composed of cement, sand, river stone, water and so on. In comparison, the material of the GRC component is relatively complex.

Comparison of features:

Cement components with high strength, good weather resistance, construction and maintenance convenience, cost-effective features, and GRC component with fire, water, environmental protection, anti-fouling, sound insulation effect, strong seismic performance, modeling and many other features, this is the cement component can not Match.

From the use point of view:

Cement components generally include cement tiles, cement pipes, cement cover, shaped concrete components, corridor, retaining wall manhole cover, reinforced concrete floating, lawn brick, pavement tiles, aerated bricks, cable cover, check The GRC component focus on the external decoration of the building, decorated by GRC component of the building, the appearance of gorgeous atmosphere, with high artistic and appreciation value, such as GRC Roman column , GRC doors and windows sets, GRC decorative lines are all GRC component.

Although the difference between the GRC component and the cement component is relatively large, the role played by the field of use is unquestionable.