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The Focus Of The GRC Component Installation Steps

Jul 05, 2017

With grc component and other products to improve exposure, visibility increased, more and more people choose grc products to decorate their own house villa. Intentions Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in grc products for many years to design and development and construction experience, the following to introduce the grc component installation of the key steps.

1, the components should be installed before the installation of the structure of the surface of the building to deal with, to ensure its smooth and solid.

2, the surface of the component with missing edges and other defects, the installation should be used after the cement mixing material to repair.

3, before the installation should be based on the construction drawings in the external walls of a good standard line, horizontal, vertical and component center control line to control the GRC component installed in the same level.

4, the erection of the frame to take full account of the GRC line installation features and external size, to ensure that the installation of GRC lines have enough spacing

5, component installation error should meet the following requirements;

(1) the degree of vertical tolerance of the unit decoration ≤ 5mm / layer high, and the total error ≤ 50mm;

(2) flatness of the unit surface flatness error ≤ 5mm / 2m, and the total error ≤ 50mm;

6, the installation of Cha should be smooth, the error exceeds 5mm, should be polished.

7, component connection should be reserved gap, and in accordance with the design requirements for processing.

8, there are waterproof requirements of the site, should be waterproof, and take the necessary anti-freeze measures. The links and welds exposed to the air should be protected against corrosion.

9, after the anchor connection point fixed way:

(1) the building connection structure for the cast-in-place concrete structure, the actual strength level is greater than the C20 level, the thickness of more than 1.5hef (hef for the effective anchorage depth should not be less than 50mm), and greater than 100mm, the diameter of not less than 8mm bolt , Or expansion bolts, do not meet the above requirements, should be used to install the welding connection.

(2) the building connection structure for the hollow block masonry structure, masonry strength greater than Mu7.5, mortar strength greater than M5, masonry thickness greater than or equal to 370mm using replacement block, replacement block should be used above the C20 level expansion of fine stone concrete , The thickness of 240mm height and width of not less than 240mm, anchor should be installed in the central block position, does not meet one of the above requirements, should be used to install the welding connection.

10, the installation of the link between the component and the building:

(1) When the GRC component weighs less than 25kg, the installation connection point is not less than 4, using the upper and lower left and right connection: When the GRC component weight greater than 25kg, each additional 10kg, should increase at least two connection points: More than 500mm.

(2) the use of welding connection, welding steel, double-sided weld length should not be less than 5d bar diameter, single-sided welding seam length should not be less than 12d bar diameter. Weld height of not less than 3mm, weld grade of not less than two, prohibit the use of point to point, point to the opposite of the welding method.

(3) In general, the building is a hollow block strong masonry structure or size of more than 400 (width) * 400 (high) GRC component due to their own weight, to be embedded angle steel. In the component, 6 steel bars are reserved, and the GRC component are fixed by connecting the 12 bar and the angle steel, and the horizontal direction is about 500 mm in diameter and 12 in the vertical direction along the GRC height. (All steel welded parts should be brush anti-corrosion paint.)

(4) No installation of the GRC component at the pre-embedded angle steel, with a 45 ° angle in the installation of the corresponding building structure • 12 rebar, one per 500mm in the horizontal direction and two in the GRC height. The GRC member is fixed by welding the steel bar in the 12 bar and the GRC member. (All steel welded parts to be brush anti-rust paint)

(5) The connections and welds exposed to the air shall be treated with corrosion.

After finishing the GRC component installation steps, but also pay attention to maintenance, extend the life and appearance of the aesthetic degree. Overall, do a good job early work, the latter part of the maintenance and maintenance is not so much trouble, the builder or spend more time in the installation of structures, to reduce consumer late maintenance.