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What Are The Main Components Of The GRC Component And The Production Process?

Jul 14, 2017

Grc is made of alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforced material, sulphoaluminate low alkalinity cement as cemented material and mixed with suitable aggregate to form the substrate, through the injection, mold casting, extrusion, flow slurry and other production process Of the lightweight, high strength and high toughness, multi-functional new inorganic composite materials, the cost is relatively high. So what is the main component of the GRC component and the production process is what? The following intention to explain to you.

First, the main component of the GRC component


Grc component which must be used as a substrate supporting cement, commonly used cement types are hard sulphoaluminate cement, low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement. Can be selected according to actual requirements.


Grc component used in the fiber must be alkali-resistant glass fiber, also divided into several kinds. Many countries abroad grc within the glass fiber zirconia at least 16.5%, while the domestic zirconium at least 16.5%.


Polymerization inside a variety of chemical substances, commonly used to the cream, the effect is more ideal.


Addition of the appropriate amount of admixture can grc after the performance of more excellent, such as water-reducing agent, plasticizer, retarder, etc., it should be noted that if there are steel grc material, it is best not to add calcium Base of the admixture.

Second, GRC's production process is:

Construction preparation → inspection of the entrance parts → all kinds of iron, stent production → find the external wall of the civil construction baseline → according to GRC component specifications positioning line → GRC component in place installation → plugging, repair → maintenance → sub-acceptance.

According to the design drawings of the building decoration, the original building is measured, and the position of the steel skeleton and the shape of the GRC component are designed according to the drawings. The GRC component are designed so that the GRC component are matched with the mesh size and position. Meet the appearance of decorative design requirements. GRC component for the production and processing.

(1) before the production and processing, the building has been carefully checked, and the buildings were re-measured, according to the actual size of the ground to adjust the GRC line cutting size.

(2) GRC line production modeling, lines are used outside the V-shaped or concave staggered mouth type.

(3) GRC lines using fast hard sulphoaluminate low alkali cement and glass fiber production. In the production of the first mortar ratio of 1: 1, smear thickness (up to 1cm) uniform, with anti-crack fiberglass mesh cloth in place.

(4) the second time the ratio of 1: 2 dry dilution, the appropriate vibration, the thickness of uniform (1cm) at the same time embedded Φ6 linked steel reinforced solder joints, reinforced mortar protective layer, to 1.5cm, Twill to keep the lines clean and tidy.

(5) GRC production process according to map production mold → tie steel banding → first mortar, glass fiber → plus fiberglass mesh → second mortar, glass fiber, plus embedded parts → line classification banding → transport construction Site installation.

The main components of the GRC component are shared with the production process. Due to the prevalence of European style in these years, the market is also often referred to as: GRC European components, GRC Roman column, GRC canopies, GRC decorative lines, GRC angle, GRC door and window sets, GRC vase railings.