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What Is GRC Cement Components And Their Characteristics

Mar 02, 2017

1, GRC products with high tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced material, and thus high tensile strength (75-80kg / cm). Proportional ultimate tensile strength (BOP) up to 4.0-6.0Mpa; damage strength (UST) up to 9.0Mpa. Proportional limit bending strength (LOP) can reach 8.0-10.0Mpa, breaking strength (MOR) up to 20.0-30.0Mpa.

2, GRC products evenly distributed in the glass fiber can effectively prevent the cracking of products. GRC deformation capacity, good use of crack resistance. Resistance to extreme strain up to 12000-16000um. So antiknock, good shock resistance, for the earthquake project has a breakthrough superiority.

3, GRC products to be destroyed when a large number of energy absorption, so excellent impact resistance (impact strength 25kg / cm).

4, because the GRC products of high strength (bending strength of 200-300 kg / cm), so thin products (do 3mm to 10mm wall thickness), which can do light weight.

5, GRC products easy to model good, easy processing, can be made into a variety of multi-faceted shaped shaped products, designers can give the greatest freedom of thought to give full play to their creativity, and thus a wide range of uses.