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What Should GRC Component Need To Be Connected To The Wall?

Sep 29, 2017

GRC component developed in the 1940s, but due to the use of the substrate is the alkalinity of the Portland cement and ordinary glass fiber composite, cement alkali quickly broke the glass fiber, which led to The strength of the composite decreases. Because when the cement produced in the production of calcium hydroxide glass fiber SIO role, so that a sharp decline in fiber strength, the formation of hydrated calcium silicate destroyed the glass fiber skeleton structure.

This greatly reduces the mechanical properties of GRC component, which undoubtedly limits the development of GRC component technology. Since then, scientists from all over the world have turned the focus of research into low-alkalinity cement and glass fiber development methods. In 1966 the British successfully studied a kind of ingredients containing a certain proportion of Semper. This glass fiber has a strong anti-alkali corrosion properties, can be used as a common portland cement reinforced materials for the development of GRC component laid the foundation.

So, in the use of the process, GRC and wall connection to pay attention to what? Taizhou Ruixiang building materials to tell you.

The connection between the GRC component and the wall shall be determined. When the GRC component is not waterproof, it can be filled with cement mortar. GRC component are waterproof,

Shall be treated with building sealant caulks or other waterproof material. The connection between the GRC component and the wall change should be based on the actual design of the detailed node. In the edge of the site to pay special attention to the installation of bolts to split the possibility of the wall, so the location of the components to ensure that the installation of the bolt from the edge to ensure a certain distance.

In order to highlight the wall there is water may be the component should consider the drainage slope. Rugged GRC component can be routed to the roof, with the wall GRC component should be discharged to the wall, the top surface drainage slope should be a lot of 3%. For aerated concrete, hollow blocks, lightweight wall panels and hollow bricks and other lightweight walls and old buildings have been crisp or hollowed out of the wall, the design facade and optional components must consider the wall structure of the safety and reliability, To make the corresponding structural design and processing program.