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Why Is The GRC Man-made Sandstone Used Extensively In Decoration?

Mar 02, 2017

GRC artificial sandstone is also called sandstone or composite sandstone. It is the natural color of quartz sand according to the same ratio of modulation of color, and then add environmentally friendly resin and curing agent and other ingredients, made by hand-pressed silicone mold. Artificial sandstone appearance realistic, plastic and strong, can be customized arbitrary pattern and specifications of the product.

Sandstone is the latest popular natural building materials, heavy atmosphere, three-dimensional sense of strong, especially for high-end home and office wall painting decoration, hand feels like a small sand like sandstone, the longer the better look, a little weathered Feel the best to see, the most important thing is it is a kind of eco-friendly stone, no pollution, no radiation, no discoloration, endothermic, not easy to deformation and other characteristics of the health of the family without damage.

Green performance

GRC artificial sandstone is a non-radioactive, Naisuan Jian, long life, good hardness, non-toxic and tasteless, pollution-free, self-waterproof green building decoration materials.